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How to Use a New Garden Pergola

Posted on Thursday, May 27th, 2021 at 11:48 am.
carroll architectural shade garden pergola

Learn how you can use your garden pergola to increase the comfort and beauty of your backyard oasis.

Are you considering adding a new pergola to your garden? This beautiful addition is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want to create a beautiful backyard oasis. There are a few benefits that come with adding a new pergola to your garden specifically. So why should you invest in a garden pergola this summer? Read on to find out what this simple yet elegant outdoor structure can provide. 

Enhance Your Garden 

A pergola is a large oblong or square structure that can be placed in various locations throughout your garden. Some people use them to finish their patio area, while others may place them in a spot that differentiates one section of the garden from another. Of course, a pergola can also be used to create a stylish focal point for some of your most beautiful garden flowers or shrubs. 

Define Spaces

A pergola can help to define spaces in your garden and backyard. Because pergolas are open and airy, you can create unique spaces without making them feel small or confined. When the ground under the pergola is topped with flooring, whether brick, concrete, or wood, you can further define this outdoor living space. Garden pergolas can create areas for you to sit or entertain while surrounded by your beautiful garden. 

Create Extra Comfort

If you’re placing your pergola over a decked area or over paving stones, adding a canopy to the top is recommended. This retractable shade feature can prevent the stones or deck from getting too hot and create an exceptionally comfortable dining or lounging area. 

Pergolas can provide support for a variety of accessories, including ceiling fans, small speakers, and string lights. You can let your creativity flourish when decorating your garden pergola. 

Encourage Plant Growth

The structure of your garden pergola allows for the easy establishment of climbing plants up and over the pergola. Over time, this can create a natural canopy that provides a shaded area you can enjoy. If you have a large garden, you can place a few pergolas next to each other to create a scenic covered walkway. 

Choosing the Best Pergola for Your Garden

When searching for the best new garden pergola, you will want first to consider how you are planning on using the pergola. The designers at Carroll Architectural Shade have plenty of experience building pergolas for various home designs and can advise you on the best options for your garden. 


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